There is no current way to remove siblings that are no longer attending the school during the re-enrollment process.

Instead, enroll the families and from there remove the students that are not attending:
  1. Logging into Smart Tuition
  2. Hover on Enrollment 
  3. Select Pending Families
  4. Locate the Grade filter
  5. Choose the grades of the students you wish to remove
    1. These will be you Withdrawn, Cancelled, and N/A (these are the students that graduated from your school and had the highest grade level at your school and upon being re-enrolled moved to the N/A category)
  6. Switch to Student View (this will show only those students that you filtered for)
  7. Extend the number of rows visible to the maximum amount (this will allow you to see as many of the students as possible)
  8. Select the Checkbox located by Family 
  9. User-added image
  10. Once the students are Selected, Click Perform Batch Action
  11. Select Delete Students
  12. You will be asked if you want to delete the selected students User-added image
  13. Click Submit
  14. The students are now removed from the accounts that they were sharing with their siblings