This notification/error occurs when the reviewer has been assigned more than 5,000 reviews. This warning will also appear on the Details tab of any reviewer group, and on the Reviewers tab of any Opportunity assigned to a Reviewer Group that includes a Reviewer who has been assigned too many reviews. Each applicable reviewer listed will also be a hyperlink to those reviewers.

Since it is not feasible to expect a Reviewer to conduct 5,000 reviews, there is a limit of 5,000 reviews per reviewer.

Here is an example of the email the system administrator will receive:

The system will stop assigning applications after a reviewer has 5,000 reviews assigned to them and may not allow those reviewers to sign in. Please update your “Assign Reviews” settings on the Reviewer Groups for the following reviewers to ensure all applicants get reviewed at least once.
  • Reviewer XXX
  • Reviewer XXX
Thank you for your time and consideration."

As an Administrator, you must reduce this number of assigned reviews to allow the reviewer access to their portal to begin reviewing. Once the number of assigned reviews is below 5,000, the reviewer will be able to proceed with their review assignments.

Here are some suggestions to consider to reduce the number of review assignments to reviewers:
  • Add more reviewers to the review group
  • Add qualifications to the review group to reduce the applicant pool 
  • Reduce the number of opportunities assigned to the group
  • Assign reviews at the General or Conditional application level when you have many auto-match opportunities, rather than at the Opportunity level
  • Assign reviews at the Opportunity level when you have many apply-to opportunities, rather than at the General or Conditional application level