Error Compiling getnxtsuggestions.p when Upgrading to Progress 11

When compiling the database after upgrading to Progress 11, the following compile error can occur, "Error Compiling getnxtsuggestion.p".
To resolve this do the following:

 1. Copy the 'Newtonsoft.Json-v9.dll' file located in 'C:\npo\found\fims\assemblies to c:\npo\dlc\bin\, then re-name the 'Newtonsoft.Json-v9.dll'  to 'Newtonsoft.Json.dll'. Note, your FIMS installation may be on another drive other than C on your server. Also note, that even if you do not use DonorCentral, you will still need to do this step.

2. Re-compile FIMS by running the command in Part 7 of the Progress 11 upgrade guide.



Steps to Duplicate

1. Run the steps in Part 6 of the Progress 11 Upgrade guide provided to you by FIMS support.

2. When the FIMS compiler is running, note the compile error regarding the 'getnxtsuggestions.p' file.




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