Setting to Display Individual Donor Amounts for Multi Fund Grants Feature Still Shows other Fund's Grant Totals when Enabled in DC NXT

For the new feature outlined in, it appears to not be working correctly.
  • For example, if there is a grant where the donor gave $1,000 of the total $25,000 however the full $25,000 shows on their Grant history.
  • This also reflects on their total giving for a specific year.
  • In DC NXT the giving history for 2017 shows roughly $39,000 when the donor only really gave $15,000.
This was caused by there being a single grant that references 2 fund payments. One of the fund payments ($1000.00) is in both DC/NXT and FIMS. The other fund payment ($24,000) is found only in FIMS. A workaround for this particular scenario for would be this:
1. Add a fund association between a staff person and the fund of the $24,000 payment.
2. Do a fresh DC export and upload so that the fund and the payments of that fund get sent to DC NXT.
3. The grant history should then reflect only $1,000 for the grant when the $24,000 payment is filtered for the advisor of the $1,000 payment.
4. The fund would only be visible in DC by the staff person who received the fund association.
(or those staff who have the ability to "view as advisor" at which point they could view that staff person as they would be seen as an advisor)

Steps to Duplicate

  • In DC NXT go to View as Advisor>Search for the fund in question> go to Grant History > Observe that "Grant Totals by Year" Shows $39,700 for 2016 
  • In FIMS go to Fund>Select the binoculars>Search for the fund in question>Go to Summary
  • Observe that for 2015 there are 13 grants totaling to $15,700 with the largest grant being $5,000. 



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