First, determine your Display Name settings:
  1. Go to Site > Settings > Content
  2. Find the Display Name settings
  3. Click into the top box (in the screenshot, defined as First Name), and see drop down list for options.  Determine if the First Name is being sourced to a General Application question or to an import data field.
Content page with Display Name settings
If the Display Name settings are sourced to import data, you must now determine if your import file has complete data, specifically the fields that the Display Name settings are sourced to.  Please contact your IT team to confirm your data is up to date.

If the Display Name settings are sourced to applicant facing General Application questions, then the applicant did not complete their application.  The Reference Request Email is triggered automatically after an applicant answers the Name and Email Address question asking for a reference, and either Saves (ie. Drafted) or Submits their application.
Note: If you need to update the Display Name settings, you may do so directly.  Please contact Support to let us know you've updated these settings.  We will need to run a necessary process on our end to push the new data into your system.