Refund for membership order with discount and split designation not pulling correct amounts.

We processed a membership that has splits between a designation and membership revenue. There was a discount that correctly applied to the membership revenue during the sale. We then processed a refund and the amounts changed for the refund. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

Step #1: Create new membership with set levels:
  1. Navigate to Memberships > Add
  2. Click the General tab, enter Membership name
  3. Set the membership program as Annual dues based, one term.
  4. Click the Levels tab, and enter a new membership level.
  5. Enter level name, price, number of members, number of cards, and number of children.
  6. Mark box for "This membership program uses types to further classify levels"
  7. Mark box for "This membership program uses add-ons."
  8. Click the Benefits tab, and select Card format and Name format.
  9. Under "Is a portion of the membership dues considered tax deductible," select Yes
  10. Under "What benefits are being awarded at each level," enter system generated guest pass for Benefit, specific number for quantity, Number to offer, and no expiration.
    • Note: For the system generated guest pass, the fair market value needs to be set as 0.00. To do this, select Fundraising > Benefits catalog > select the drop down next to system generated guest pass and click Edit > change value as needed.
  11. Enter the amount you would like to be tax deductible.
  12. Click the Dues tab, and mark the option for Yes, the tax deductible portion from benefits is contributed membership revenue.
  13. Under Designation, search for and select the designation you would like to be associated with membership, and the percentage of the tax deductible amount that will be applied to it.
  14. Under Renewals tab, keep all the default settings as is, then finish and save membership.

Step #2: Create a promotions discount that we can apply to the membership transaction later:
  1. Navigate to Tickets > Membership promotions
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter the name of the membership promotion
  4. Select Application type: With code
  5. For promotion type: select Discount
  6. For discount type: select Percent off
  7. Enter percentage amount
  8. Save

Step #3: Create membership transaction:
  1. Navigate to Web > Manage membership forms.
  2. Select the drop down next to you membership level, click Approve for website, then select the blue url under the membership level. 
  3. On the website, sign in with existing constituent or register a new one.
  4. Add membership that was created into your shopping cart.
  5. Enter in Promo code of promotion you created, promotion amount should automatically come off transaction total.
  6. Enter payment information and complete transaction.

Step #4: Refund Transaction:
  1. Navigate to Sales > Refunds
  2. Search for the order number of transaction from step #3, and open the order
  3. Click Refund button
  4. Once complete, navigate to Constituents > Constituent Search > Open the Constituent
  5. Click Sales Orders > Refunds, to confirm the amount of the refund

Step #5: Confirm refund amount on membership record:
  1. From the Constituent's record, select Memberships
  2. Select the blue link above the cancelled membership
  3. Under recent member transactions, select the blue value under Amount
  4. Under Refunds tab, select the blue total value
  5. Note the incorrect amount refunded compared to step #4


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