Access All Users grid
  • Login to your administrator portal
  • Go to Site > Users > All Users
  • You will see the following tabs:
All Users: Displays all users and all accounts with any permission level in your system
Applicants: Displays all users with access to the Applicant portal (this may include Administrators)
Administrators: Displays both of the default admin roles (System Administrator and IT Administrator) as well as any custom client-defined roles
Reviewer Chairs: Displays all users who are designated as Chair of at least one reviewer group
Reviewers: Displays all users who have been invited to review in the system
References: Displays all accounts established as reference provider accounts; accounts are established for each unique address entered by applicants on a Reference Questionnaire
Contacts: Displays all accounts established as donor contacts (Stewardship Management only)

Search for user with tabs and column headers
  • Select the applicable tab from list above
  • Use either the Display Name, Primary Email address, or Customer UID column to type in keywords
  • Hit Enter 
  • Click View in the applicable row to go directly to the user's account
Search for user with search bar
  • In the search bar, begin typing to search by name, email address or user ID
  • Matching options will populate in a dropdown menu
  • Click on user to go directly to account