This occurs when the tickets to the event are within a user's Advanced Sale or Daily Sale shopping cart and it has not been completed or canceled. To find the user's cart, use the below steps to query on open carts:

Begin your query:
  1. Navigate to Analysis, then click on Information Library
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query.
  3. Select Source View of Sales Order and click OK

Add fields to Include records where:
  1. In the middle, click on Sales Order Status and move this to Include Records Where. Set Not equal to Complete.
  2. In the middle, click on Sales method type and move this to Include Records Where. Set Not equal to Group Sales.
  3. In the left, click on Sales Order Payment. From the middle, drag Amount into Include Records Where. Set the criteria to Not Blank.

Browse the orders:
  1. Go to the Preview Results tab
  2. Click on the order(s) in the results (one at a time) and click the Browse button at the bottom of the list.
  3. Select the Advance Sales page and click OK to load the order in Advance Sales.

Resolve the order:
  1. To resolve the order, you must either Complete, Cancel the order, or delete the payments and click on Pay on Arrival.
  2. Once all orders in the query are resolved, the Tickets Sold and/or Available Tickets will adjust.
    • Note: If the user does not see an order with a payment under their own username, check with other users who may also have payments stuck in Daily Sales or Advance Sales.