How do I unlink an eTapestry user from the wrong Blackbaud ID?

eTapestry now has the ability to login with their Blackbaud ID.  It is possible for a mistake to occur where a user becomes linked with the wrong Blackbaud ID. 

Unlink BBID
Unlink Blackbaud ID
To unlink a  Blackbaud ID from an eTapestry user follow the steps below:
  1.  If the user themselves has admin rights they can log into eTapestry, otherwise another admin at the organization needs to log in
  2. Click Management and select All Users, under the Admin section
  3. Click the context menu to the left of the user you want to unlink and select Unlink Blackbaud ID
  4. Click the Unlink Accounts button in the confirmation modal
User-added image

  1. Have the user themselves navigate to the eTapestry login page and click on the Manage your Blackbaud ID for eTapestry link
  2. Sign in with their BBID
  3. Click the Unlink this account button to the right of the user they want to unlink from

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