Hosted Customers not able to Access FIMS CRM Sync Logs in the Emails Received from FIMS Support

I have received an email from FIMS support that contains a link to errors that occurred during the FIMS to FIMS CRM sync however, when I click on the link in the email, I get an error and I am unable to view these logs, how can I see these logs so that I can review the errors?

This does not apply to self-hosted customers who have direct access to their server to view the Salesforce log located in npo\found\tempfiles\sftempfiles. Self-hosted customers do not receive emails from FIMS support regarding the FIMS to FIMS CRM sync.
At this time, the emails the FIMS support sends out regarding FIMS CRM sync errors are not able to be directly accessed via the email and are for informational purposes to let you know that a sync error did occur. The easiest way to access those logs is the following:

The errors in the logs that you receive in the emails from FIMS support are actually also logged within Salesforce itself. To view those, do the following:

1. Log into Salesforce
2. At the top menu bar the plus sign then click Customize My Tabs and add the Audit Log button to your tabs
3. Once Audit log is added, click on the link
4. You will see a list of Audit logs which you can review

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