Existing Learning Profiles that are attached to students can be edited by:
  1. Navigate to: Academics > Grades > Grades Management > Approve Learning Profiles
  2. Once here, you will need to select filters for 'Status: All', and define a larger date range (such as the past year), then press 'view'
  3. With a list of all students with Learning Profiles, you will then want to click 'Review' to the right of the student you wish to edit
  4. From this screen , you can then edit:
  • The active dates for the Learning Profile
  • Which Learning Fields are selected
  1. Click 'Save'
Note: The 'Active Date' will not overwrite the 'Created Date' on the Learning Profile, which can only be affected by attaching a brand new Learning Profile.

If you would like to edit the Opening or Closing Text for a learning profile, this can be done by:
  1. Navigate to: Academics > Grades > Grading Setup > Learning Profile forms
  2. Click 'Edit' to the right of the plan you would like to change
  3. Edit other information (which will affect all users with this learning profile type)
  4. Click 'Save'