1. Go to Site > Configurations > Application Categories
  2. Click on New Category button
  3. In the Category Name field, enter your custom category name; this is visible only to administrators in the system.  Some examples are "Finalist" or "Selected."
  4. For Applicant Portal Name, use a different name that gives no indication to the applicant of any change having been made, such as "Submitted"
  5. For Type, select which type of opportunity you are creating the category for
  6. For Award Effects, mark the "Encumbers Funds" option. This allows you to enter award information, but due to the rest of the settings, the details will remain invisible to the applicant. 
  7. For Visible To, mark Applicant
  8. For Show Offer Details, do NOT mark this field!  Keep this unchecked, otherwise the applicant will be able to see the offer details!
  9. Repeat as needed to create custom categories for Apply-To, Automatch or Flexible Opportunities
Tip: This new category does NOT trigger any emails or notifications. You can also move applicants from this category to the Offered category via your Bulk Actions grids en masse.

Because you selected Encumbers Funds for this category, the applicants will also appear in the Encumbered Funds and Fund Disbursements grid.