**Error Compiling E:\npo\Found\FIMS\gui\GRANTS\D-IRS990.W after upgrading to 14.60

After upgrading to 14.60 received one compiler error:

**Error Compiling E:\npo\Found\FIMS\gui\GRANTS\D-IRS990.W
      ** Error=** divcode is ambiguous with Fund.divcode and AppHistory.divcode (72)
      ** Error=** E:\npo\Found\FIMS\gui\GRANTS\D-IRS990.W Could not understand line 1248. (196)

To resolve do the following:

1. Make sure the D-IRS990.w is not old. Compare the file date with one on another server with the same version of FIMS. For example, for 1460 or 14.61 updates, the file should have a March or April 2018 date. If the one on the system is older, replace with the newer one, again, if they are on the same version of FIMS. This method is ONLY to be used if this is the ONLY compile error occurring. If there are others along with this one, then this is not recommended.

2. Make sure there is nothing in the custom folder relating to this file. If so, verify its function and move or remove as needed.

3. Recompile the GUI folder.



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