How do I add a gift in Raiser's Edge NXT web view?
This can be done by going to Home screen of the web view and clicking the "Add gift" button. Or by going to the constituent record of the donor and choosing the "Add gift" button from the giving tile.  For more information visit the gift product documentation.

Will the gifts added from the web view appear in the database view?
Yes, gifts added from the web view will appear in the database view.

Can I add multiple gifts at one time in the web view?
A this time we can only add one time gifts through the web view.  We are not done though and in the future you will be able to batch gift transactions.

I am not seeing an option to add other gift types such as; recurring gifts or pledges. How can I change that?
We are only able to add one-time donations (cash) through the web view at this time but in the future we will be able to add more gift types.

Am I able to process a credit card or direct debit transaction through the web view?
Yes! You can process credit cards and direct debit transactions directly through the web view.  To learn how visit How to process credit cards and direct debits

I have required fields set in database view for gift entry, will those required fields be include when creating a gift in the web view?
The web view has a set of fields (gift amount, gift date, gift type, payment method, fund and post date)  that are required when creating a gift. However, the specific required fields selected in database view are not applied to the web view at this time.

Can I restrict who has access to process or view credit card/direct debit information in the web view?
A user who has access to add gifts in the database view will have the ability to add credit card/debit card payment.  At this time there is no restrictions on viewing payment detail on the actual gift record.

What fields will appear on the gift record after a donation has been processed? 
On the gift record, under the Payment Information, select View credit card information, the following fields will appear;
  • Card Holder name
  • Card Type
  • Expiration date
  • Last four of card number
  • Authorization code
Note: Raiser's Edge NXT will automatically generate a gift transaction id that will be stored as a gift attribute in the database view.  

Note:  The full credit card number will not be stored in the web view for one time gifts.  Only the authorization code will appear on the gift record in the database view.