If a constituent updates their Consent preferences and asks to be forgotten, you can now select to forget them from the Account Settings page from their account record.

NOTE: Marking to "Forget Constituent" is permanent and cannot be reversed

1. Log in to eTapestry
2. Search for the Account you wish to forget
3. Choose the Account Settings tab
4. Under Links, choose Forget Constituent
5. You will receive a pop up informing you that this cannot be reversed along with the fields that will be removed
6. You will have the option to rename the forgotten constituent

Fields that will no longer appear after marking a constituent forgotten are below:
  • All Name and Recognition fields
  • Each Persona Address, Salutation, Phone Number, Email, Web Page, Persona Note, and all Persona User defined Fields
  • Wealth Rating Information
  • All Relationships
  • Billing and Shipping information on eStore Cart transactions
  • eTapestry generated Journal Notes that contain a name or address information
Note: personally identifiable information found elsewhere on this account (like the Defined Fields page or within journal entries and Gift Aid Declarations) will need to be removed manually.

For more information please review the GDPR section in our product documentation.