1. In Settings > Select Manage Rate Card
  2. Click on Add New Rate
  3. Unselect the Criteria of the rate card that is not applicable by clicking the green options
  4. Click Next to go to Define Rate Criteria
  5. Based on the selected criteria select the options applicable to the rate card (For example, if the payment plan is an option, select the plan(s) for the rate card. If Grade is the criteria select grade(s) for the rate card).
  6. Click Next to go to Rate Result Set Up
  7. Select the billing item from the dropdown list
  8.  (Tuition Fees, Discount, or Fee) Depending on the billing option selected, you will have to then select from the second drop-down list for a specific fee or discount (If applicable to your school a tuition fee)
  9. You may elect to customize the amounts by the number of students
  10. Enter the amount and click Add Rate
  11. Repeat for additional billing items that fit the same criteria 
  12. Click Next to go to Complete Rate Set Up
  13. Type the name of the rate card in the Rate Name field
  14. Click the box next to the rate card disclaimer and click Save