Copy Row Format Creates Duplicates if Row Renumbering is not Used

When copying a row format in General Ledger\Design Statements\Row Format a random number of duplicate rows are created if the user choose to not renumber the copied rows and ignores the warning message that appears. This issue does not occur when entering in a new format name when copying the row. Why are duplicate rows created in this scenario and why would a user want duplicate rows?
If you do not wish to create duplicate rows, be sure to renumber the rows or enter in a new name for the row format. You will receive a warning that duplicate rows are about to be created if you do not renumber the rows or create a new row format. The purpose of duplicate rows is the following:

You can create any number of rows with the same row number. Use this feature to combine two or more rows into one print row (for example, if a formula is too large to fit into one Formula field). You can also use this feature to combine two or more balances from noncontiguous General Ledger accounts or account ranges into a single row.
Row records that share the same row number can either be G/L or Calculated rows (rows with Format codes of BB, FBB, Fbal, FBE, or Tot). The rows may print to all columns, or a specific column as determined by the Print Columns feature, and will total by column. For example, if four rows have the same row number, you can total the first two in column A, and the second two in column B.

See the following documentation on this feature: ledger management/configuring row formats.html#_Toc425946407%3FTocPath%3DFIMS%2520Core%2520Modules%7CGeneral%2520Ledger%7CWorking%2520with%2520Design%2520Statements%7C_____4

Instructions for creating Row formats: ledger management/creating row formats.html#_Toc425946405%3FTocPath%3DFIMS%2520Core%2520Modules%7CGeneral%2520Ledger%7CWorking%2520with%2520Design%2520Statements%7C_____2


Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to General Ledger\Design Statements\Row Format
2. Highlight a desired row, then click Create/Copy Format
3. Choose an existing format-Noite duplicate does not occur if entering a new name to create a new format.
4. Check the check box for Copy Row Format
5. Enter in the row range to copy
6. Do not check the checkbox for Renumber rows
7. See message occur, "Without renumbering rows, you will create duplicate row numbers. Are you sure you want to continue?"
8. Click Yes on message window to ignore the warning
9. See multiple duplicate lines created for each row.



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