For the activity grades to show on the assessment report card they will need to have an assessment grade plan group. The assessment grade plan group can be added with the below steps.
  1. onCampus
  2. Procedures > activities 
  3. Click edit Next to your activity group
  4. Select your grade plan group in the Assessment Grade Plan Group drop-down
  5. Save and exit
The assessment grade plans will need to be associated with an assessment grading period. These are the steps to add this.
  1. onRecord 
  2. Setting > grading 
  3. Select the School year setup tab
  4. Change the group time to activities 
  5. Select your grade plan group
  6. Click View next to the grading period you want to display
  7. Click edit in the top right of the page
  8. Select your assessment grading period in the Grading Period drop-down.
  9. Save and exit
Include the assessment grading period in the assessment report card. 
  1. onRecord
  2. Performance > Report card set up
  3. Use the year, school level and style filters to find your report card 
  4. Click edit next to your report card
  5. Click grading periods 
  6. Click add 
  7. Select your assessment grading period in the grading period drop-down
  8. Save and exit