ACH information not showing on Dynamic Data Grid

When creating a data grid that either outputs ACH information, or filters on ACH account or Routing numbers, note that the ACH account number and ACH routing number do not show information when selected as a column, or pull in any records when used as a selection. 
Due to security the option to report on ACH information with Data Grids has been disabled in FIMS. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In FIMS go to Inquiries>Dynamic data grid
  2. In the Views drop down select Grantee>Add>Name it whatever you'd like> okay
  3. Next go to the Columns tab>under Grantee select ACH Account and ACH Routing
  4. Under the selections tab select ACH Allowed>From = Yes Through = Yes
  5. Save and Run
  6. Notice all results are blank 

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