What’s the point of using Teams?

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to use these teams to quickly schedule many people to their roles in your ministries.

How do I set up a Team?

1. Navigate to the Ministry Planner tile.

2. Click into the "Manage" tab from the menu bar in the Ministry Planner.         

-Be sure to select the applicable Campus and Ministry before editing this page. 

3. You can then assign individuals or groups of people to your Ministry using the "Assign" or "Assign Group" tabs. 

4. Next, click on the "Teams" tab and select "New Team". Name the team and hit Save.

5. Next, click on the +1 sign to add a role line to the team. 

6. In the first box, select the role that you'd like to place on the team, and in the second box, select the name of the person you'd like to assign to that role. You can add as many lines as you like. 

7. When you're finished, No need to hit a final Save button on the team. Seraphim is Saving it for you while you're editing it. After the team is created, you can then use this team to assign to specific events under the Planning Tab.


What are team templates?

You can create a "Team Template" to help with last minute planning. 

Let's say, you always know you're going to need four greeters every Sunday. But you don't necessarily have specific teams of people that always serve together.  

This is where a Team Template can come in handy.  

  • Create your team using the instructions above. 
  • But instead of assigning specific individuals in the second row of boxes, just leave the selection to Unassigned. 

Now you can easily assign this team template to the Planning section of the ministry planner, and assign specific people to the role "place holders" when you see fit!