Over time, you may find that there are some duplicate records entered into the system.  This might happen when someone doesn't enter the right spelling when checking a recent newcomer to your church, for example.  In this case, you don't want to just delete the duplicate record, especially if there are giving records and family members associated with them.  Instead, you'll want to merge the duplicate into the correct record. 

When using the Merge function on duplicate profiles it is important to know that you will be deleting one profile, and keeping the other profile. Merging associates selected data from one profile (Finance, Attendance Records, Groups) with the second profile. The first profile is then deleted forever and what was selected is now within the second profile.

How to Merge

  1. Before Merging, you'll want to make sure that both duplicate records have been removed from their respective family units (this is to insure data integrity is retained).  Click Here to learn how to remove users from their family units. 
  3. Navigate to the profile that you want Merged into the profile you intend to keep (The profile that you navigate to and perform this process from will be the profile that is permanently deleted. Prior to merging a profile make sure that the profile you are merging from and to do not have any family unit ties. Make sure that the first name, last name, and full name field all match to the profiles you are intending on merging.)
  4. Select the MERGE button towards the top center.
  5. On the next page, you will see the username that is associated with the individual you are merging. If the individual is not yet an online member of Seraphim it will be displayed in a randomly generated 28 digit username.
  6. To the right, select the profile that you want to merge the data to.  The username you select from the drop down menu is the record that will be kept. 
  7. Once you have selected the file you want to keep, select which data you want transferred to the new record. 
Notice below the merge record selection, there is a section of data with two radio buttons running down the center.  To the left of the selectors is the data that is currently associated to the record you will be deleting.  To the right is the data associated with the record you will be keeping. Here you will want to select which piece of data is the correct one. Here's an example:

Take a look at the birthday row.  The date to the left of the selectors currently reads 1/1/1900. The date to the right reads 11/30/2016.  Unless this individual is over 115 years old, and since Johnny is the newest addition to the Smith family, the date on the right is probably the correct one.   We would then select the radio button on the right that's closest to 11/30/2016 to indicate this is the correct birthday.

Repeat this process all the way down for each row of data.  When you're finished, and you're ready to complete the process, click the MERGE button at the top of the page to complete the process.