We take security pretty seriously at Seraphim.  As such, we do not give anyone at a church the ability to view a password of any other individual.  However, what if someone forgets their password?

In this case, you will want to reset that person's password.  When you reset a user's password, a temporary password will be sent to them from Seraphim to their listed email address (make sure they have an email address on their profile, otherwise they won't get the new password!)

  1. Go to the DIRECTORY tile
  2. Search the name of the individual you'd like to reset the password for. 
  3. Click on the blue square next to their name to go to their profile. 
  4. Toward the top of their profile, to the right of their UserName, click on the "Change Password" button. 
  5. Click OK on the next screen
Now, the user can go to startseraphim.com, and log in with the new login credentials.  They can then go in, and manually change their password to a password of their choice.