How do I send tax statements to children?

Because you're usually sending tax statements to adults, this isn't a common request, but sometimes churches want to send a giving statement to the kiddos. 

To do this, all you'll want to do is set up a group in the Directory for children younger than 18 that have the last giving date greater than or equal to Jan 1st of the tax year. Then you can run a separate batch of statements just for that group!

I sent out tax statements via email, and someone says they didn't receive the email. What caused this?

Most of the time, this is because the user has turned off "Receives Communications" on their profile. To turn this back on for someone:

  • Go to the DIRECTORY
  • Find the record and go to their profile
  • Under the Contact Information section, turn on the flag for "Receives Communications"

Can I check a Deliverability report of some kind to see who received the email?

You bet you can! On the Delivery Page of the Statement, you can check a Deliverability report for any date that you sent tax statements. Just enter the date you sent the statements, and click the button for "Deliverability Report". This will give you a PDF of all the folks that were attempted, as well as the current status of that delivery.