Importing Suggestions Slow for On Premise Customers using DC NXT

When importing suggestions from DC NXT it takes upwards of 5-10 for the import window to open. If any action is taken such as declining an application, that takes about 5 minutes to complete.
This is a firewall issue caused by the network and\or Windows firewall blocking traffic to DonorCentral.To resolve, either turn off the firewall rule or add exceptions for the following below. If adding the exception below does not resolve the issue and you do no want to turn off the firewall, then you will need to upgrade to Progress 11 to resolve this:

URL for DC Suggestion Import is:



String used to retrieve the WSDL document for the web service communication to happen:

WSDL <> -nohostverify -SOAPEndpoint <>'


&global-define SC_WEBSERVICE_PATH 'W_DCAdmin3'

&global-define DS_WEBSERVICE_PATH 'W_DonorStatement'

&global-define RTS_WEBSERVICE_PATH 'W_DCSync'


Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the grant module
2. Click on the heart symbol with an e in the middle
3. Note that it takes almost 10 minutes for the window to open.
4. After the window opens, select an application to decline by right-clicking and selecting decline applications
5. In the second window that opens click the button top decline
6. Note that it takes about 5 minutes to complete that action.



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