Troubleshooting Hardware, Internet, and Connection Issues

Just a few tips for IT coordinators.

Depending upon your situation, some churches may run into connection troubles while using Seraphim. These could cause long loading times, incomplete actions, and profile display failures. You'll definitely want to troubleshoot what could be causing these connection issues. Below you should find the primary items that we'll want to check to make sure that Seraphim has the best connection with your hardware.   


What's the current bandwidth at your church? For a large church, we would recommend nothing less than 100 Mbs up and 100 Mbs down.  If your connection is below that, please consider increasing your speed.  A small investment here can greatly increase your user experience. Additionally, how many computers on average will be connected to the network at one time? This is another important factor that plays into speed and connection.


If the internet speed is up to specifications, you'll also want to make sure that the proper ports are not being blocked by your firewall.  Our web services use ports 80 and 443.  If these are not being blocked in any way, try connecting to Seraphim outside of the Firewall entirely to rule out any Firewall related blocks. You'll also want to make sure that is white-labeled. 

Multiple Connections per host: Within the firewall, you may have a rule set up for the maximum number of connections per host.  Because Seraphim use an asynchronous web service, there can be many connections to Seraphim even from one computer at once.  If there are any limits on the number of connections to the host (Seraphim), you could run into issues here as well.  We recommend removing any limits to enable "unlimited" connections for Seraphim. Ensuring a free multi-thread connection can solve issues you may be experiencing.


Antivirus Software

Make sure that the is marked as a safe site, so the antivirus software knows you're communicating with a database server, and doesn't have to inspect every single interaction.  Additionally, since our services use Azure, you'll also want to add anything from (wildcard) to this safe list. If the site is marked as a safe site, try connecting to the Seraphim outside of the antivirus software to see if it is interfering with Seraphim connection at all. 

General Hardware 

Hardware, in general, can also contribute to slow interactions.  Below are a few hardware items that may contribute to loading times.

  • Network Cards: We don't run into this one as often, but every now and then a church might have some decent hardware, but old network cards are being used in the machines.  Go to to see what the connection speed is for that machine.  
  • Processors: We've also seen outdated processors cause come slow connection speeds.  What are the processors your church is running on?
  • Computers: What are the model numbers of the average machine that's being used at your church?  We've seen outdated hardware (often times refurbished models) cause connection issues as well. 

In general, we often recommend getting a high-quality machine, connecting to Seraphim above the firewall and above the antivirus software and testing speeds there.  That will give you a 'control' to work from, to try and diagnose further issues.


 Internet Explorer

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