Access your Membership Renewal Template: 
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications
  2. Click Membership Renewal Efforts
  3. Go to the Templates Tab
  4. Click the hyper linked name of your membership renewal process. The Membership Rules tab contains all of the segments you are sending to and their related package. 

Add a new Membership Rule:
  1. On the Membership Rules Tab, click Add to add a new membership rule. A membership rule consists of a Segment and a Package. The Add membership renewal effort rule window will appear. 
  2. Under Segment, click the Search Icon. 
  3. Once the Search Screen window pops, click the Add button on the search screen to add a new segment. 
  4. Name your Segment (for example: 6 months after expiration)
  5. Under Selections, click Add. A segment should contain a Membership Smart query to determine who is sent to and a Membership Smart Query to consider constituent's mailing preferences. 
  6. First, we will add the segment to determine who to send to. From the search screen, click Add and select Smart Query. 
  7. Choose the source view of Membership Smart Query and click OK.
  8. In the next screen, Select your Membership Program under Membership Program.
  9. Check the box to "Limit to memberships where the current month is" and select your time to expiration (For example: 6 months after expiration). 
  10. Name your query and save. 
  11. After your query is saved, the Add membership segment screen will appear.
  12. Optional: If your membership renewal notice contains both mail and email packages, you will want to add a mailing preference query to pull in the appropriate mail preferences. Click Add again to add the mailing preference query. If you have other segments created, this query is most likely already created for you. If you find one in the search screen that will work, select that query. If you do not find one, click Add and select Smart Query. Choose the Membership mailing preferences smart query. Select your membership program and the appropriate mailing preferences. 
  13. Once you've added your selections, click Save to complete the creation of your segment. 
  14. The Add membership renewal effort rule window will appear. 
  15. Under Package, select the default 1 month before auto-renewal (mail) or 1 month before auto-renewal (email) package
  16. Click Save. Your new segment is added to your process.