How to log into K-12 Class Environment

When attending K-12 ON Products classes within Blackbaud University you will be provided with a student login and url to access the sample database environment. This information will be provided by your Instructor at the beginning of each class.
  • Log out of
  • Navigate to the unique URL provided by your Instructor.
  • Log in using the student username provided by your Instructor in the environments tab within your WebEx session.
  • You will be redirected to the Blackbaud ID sign in - log in using the username and password provided by your instructor.
  • When the session has ended, log out of the K-12 environment.
Example Login Screen
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Example of a successful login
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To troubleshoot errors in the K-12 Class Environment, try the following steps one at a time and attempt to login with the credentials provided.
  1. Log completely out of and Blackbaud University
  2. Follow the steps within How do I clear my browser cache, cookies, and temporary Internet files.
  3. Close all open web browsers then open a new instance of the web browser.
  4. Navigate to an alternative web browser and attempt the login process.

For additional assistance contact or navigate to Chat with Training and select Chat with Training. 

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