Error You May not Compile Programs that Update the Database in this Version 490 when Running Patch 14.61

When running patch 14.61 the error, "You may not compile programs that update the database in this version (490)" occurs at the end of the compilation process.
This occurs due to the Progress installation being Query Only which does not allow changes to the database to be made. To resolve this error and upgrade to 14.61, do the following:

1. Make sure all users are logged out of FIMS
2. Go to the FIMS database server
3. Go to the start menu and find the program called 'Proenv'
4. In the Proenv window type, Prompt ProEnv $p$g  which will show you what directory you are currently in.
5. Change directory to npo\found\fims by typing the following   Cd /d c:\npo\found\fims  (note your FIMS installation may be on another drive other than C)
6. Type or copy and paste in the Proenv command window the following command    prowin32.exe c:\npo\found\dbfiles\found -H localhost -S 2500 -ini ..\configfiles\fimsnt.ini -assemblies ..\assemblies -p gui\tools\update\UpdateSchemaAndCompile.p -s 2560 -inp 32000 -param upfims^^compile
7. You will see a window appear saying, "You are about to start the FIMS update process. You are connected to the database. You are convertiong from version...Your Progress version is ...Your current directory is....Are you sure you want to proceed?
8. Click Yes
9. See the compiler window appear
10. Allow the compiler to completely finish, it will close on its own
11. Log into FIMS and make sure BOTH the FIMS version and the Database version now say 14.61



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