To remove the html formatting from the comments in your Advanced List export:
  1. Open the 'Find and Replace' tool in Excel
  2. Set criteria to: Replace 'anything between < and > symbols' (notated as '<*>') with nothing, as here:
  3. Click 'Replace All'
  4. This will remove all HTML tags at once
However, this does still leave 'HTML entities' to be removed such as:
  1. &ndash; (replace with -)
  2. &rsquo; (replace with ')
  3. &lsquo; (replace with ')
  4. etc
These can either be replaced once at a time with the same 'find and replace' function, or you can get more in depth and investigate an option using Visual Basic. More information on this option can be found on a 3rd party, non-Blackbaud affiliated site here.