This typically occurs when your web designer/web manager has used a specific event date's URL within your redirect link, instead of the main program's URL. The main program URL should bring patrons to the next available event date, dependent on the On-sale period and Capacity. Use the below steps to confirm if the incorrect URL was used in your web site's redirect link:
  1. On your organization's web page, right-click on the link that brings you to Altru's web forms.
    • For example: If you click on a button "Get Tickets," to navigate to the Altru event URL, right-click on "Get Tickets."
  2. Select Copy link address
  3. Paste URL into Notepad
  4. Navigate to Web > Manage program forms
    • Note: If this is a pre-registered program, instead select Web > Manage event registration forms
  5. Search for the scheduled program and click Apply
  6. Next to the main program, not a specific event date, click the drop down as you see below
  7. Right-click on the URL and select Copy link address
  8. Paste this URL on a second line in Notepad
  9. Compare the two URL's.
  10. If these are not identical, then your redirect link was set up to use the incorrect URL. Contact the person in charge of updating your website to use this correct URL for the redirect link.
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If the URL's are identical and this issue continues, please Click Chat with Support and reference this article.