When a non-constituent spouse is promoted to a full constituent as a result of the Deceased Options business rule, Constituent Codes entered are not saved

The Raiser's Edge has several Business Rule options that will trigger certain actions when a constituent is marked Deceased on their constituent record.  One of these options is to make a non-constituent spouse into a full constituent.  If Constituent Codes have also been marked as a required field, users may note that when the spouse record is promoted, there is a prompt to add a constituent code to the newly created record at this time.  However, users may also find that when they navigate to the constituent record, the constituent codes added have not been saved to the Bio 2 tab.  This only occurs when when the spouse is promoted to full constituent as a result of the Deceased option business rule trigger.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the meantime, the Constituent Code can be added manually to the newly created constituent record.

    Steps to Duplicate

    1. In Config > Business Rules > Constituent > Deceased Options, mark the checkbox to Make the spouse a constituent
    2. In Config > Fields > Constituent, marked the Constituent Code field as Required
    3. On a constituent record where the constituent has a non-constituent spouse, mark the Deceased checkbox and save.
    4. User is prompted to add a Constituent Code - enter appropriate code and click Save
    5. Navigate to newly created constituent, and note that constituent code is blank on Bio 2


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