What is the difference between Display Name in Content Settings versus Display Name in Contact Imports?

I am an Engage client. Why are there two Display Name fields in different parts of the system?  When navigating to Site > Settings > Content I see Display Name fields. I also see these in my Contact Import for Stewardship.
The default configuration for applicants' Display Names is found under Site > Settings > Content. This will be the default name used for emails and system notifications. 

If a User is only imported as a contact, not a reference, reviewer, administrator, and/or applicant, the default configuration for their Display Name can be found under Site > Settings > Stewardship/Contact Imports, select Configuration tab. 

If the contact's account was first established within Scholarship Management, as a reference, reviewer, administrator, and/or applicant, the Display Name on the existing account will supersede the Stewardship Contact Import settings.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Site > Settings > Content to find the Display Name fields:

settings content display name
2. Navigate to Site > Settings > Stewardship/Contact Imports, then select Configuration tab, to find Contact Display Name fields (you will see this only if you have the Engage package):

contact import display name

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