Credit Card does not appear for selection - when creating a new invoice paid by credit card in NXT Webview

When adding a new Invoice record to be paid by Credit Card, a specific credit card is not appearing for selection when creating in NXT Webview. The credit card is active and can be selected in database view. 
This is correct. Once the credit card has been linked to the credit card feed for that account, the card isn't available to manually select because transactions should now be coming through the feed rather than manually entered.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into NXT Webview
2. Click Treasury > Credit Card Accounts > Click the ... beside the Credit Card Account and click Edit
3. Notice at the bottom under Credit Cards that the last 4 for the card in question is grayed out
4. Click Payables > Invoice > Click the blue + to add a new invoice
5. For example, choose Vendor 
6. Scroll down and for the payment method, select Credit Card
7. Attempt to enter the card for that particular card and notice the system isn't finding it


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