This can be caused by an event form part on the page that has errors from the event units/prices for an event. The errors can be due to incorrect entries, missing entries, and/or trailing spaces in the Name Display and/or the No registrants fields. Follow the steps below to update the event form part:
  1. Log into NetCommunity 
  2. Click Site Explorer > Parts
  3. Search for the event form part that is on the page with the error
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit the event form part and open its settings
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the form being sure to look at the top of the form window for any error messages
  6. Make note of the event name and unit noted in the error
  7. Locate the Add events section and the specified Event name
  8. Click the Edit link to the right of the name in the Actions column
  9. In the new window, scroll down to Event price options
  10. Edit the Name field or the No. registrants field that the error message specified (Note: If it does not appear that there is an incorrect entry, delete the last character/number and any following spaces following it, re-enter just the last character/number being sure not to add any following spaces, and then tab off of the field.)
  11. Click Save at the bottom
  12. Click Save at the bottom
  13. If the form does not close and shows another error (which may occur if more than one unit / event is on the form), repeat steps 6 through 12 until the form closes. After the form closes, revisit the page that had to the error to confirm that it displays correctly.