When clicking Generate Contracts, the error message appears as here:
User-added image
You may then find that you get the additional error message when you try to add fees or tuition to the contract:

Can't Add Fees/Tuition

To get more detail regarding this error (Re: which grade(s) are unmapped), in Chrome:
  1. Press F12, or Right click on the window and select 'Inspect'
  2. Select the 'Network' tab of the Inspect tools
  3. Cliose the 'Add Tuition/Fee' window with the error
  4. Click '+add' to cause the error again
  5. Click on the resulting red error line
  6. Likely, you will see that the 'Unmapped' grade level is one that is built into Smart Tuition, but will not function with the Integration (it cannot be mapped to a grade level in Core)

To fix this, a user in Smart Tuition, a user will need to locate any fees that have the grade level indicated by the error message detail, and turn those off.
To do this:
  1. Login to school.smarttuition.com
  2. Navigate to: Fees & Discounts> Manage Fees & Discounts
  3. Edit each student based fee, tuition fee, enrollment fee, and discount
  4. If 'Graduated' is selected, unselect it, and save
    Remove 'Graduated'
Once all Fees, Tuition Fees, Enrollment Fees, and Discounts are clear of the 'Graduated' grade level, the onBoard contract will no longer produce this error.