Please take the following steps to resolve after closing out of Blackbaud Grantmaking:

1. Click the Start tab in Windows at bottom left > type in 'Check installed updates'
2. Click the icon that appears for Check installed updates
3. Search the list to ensure that you have KB3080079 and KB3140245 installed. If they are not installed, please follow the links and install them
4. Once you have confirmed that the KBs are installed, please return to the page for KB3140245 and click the Download button under the 'Easy fix' section
5. When prompted, choose to run the file named 'MicrosoftEasyFix51044.msi'
6. Once all components are installed, log back into Blackbaud Grantmaking and proceed with editing documents

NOTE: Based on our clients' experience, it may be necessary to reboot your workstation after applying these recommended fixes. Please reboot if the steps above do not appear to resolve.