1. Add the new user to Blackbaud.com
  2. Ensure that the user has signed up for all the Altru educational resources available to them.
    • Note: If completing training on Blackbaud Training Central, users need to be invited 24 hours prior to their training. 
  3. Invite the new user to Altru.
  4. Introduce the user to your Policy and Procedure documentation for your organization.
  5. If this person needs to print sales receipts: make sure their profile on your network has permissions to print receipts on the receipt printers.
  6. Update your preferred browser's bookmarks, favorites, or shortcuts with the addresses below:
    1. Blackbaud.com: https://www.blackbaud.com/
    2. Altru: https://login.blackbaudondemand.com/?SiteID=SITEID, For example, if your site ID is 5740: https://login.blackbaudondemand.com/?SiteID=5740