We recommend completing the following steps in a timely manner after an Altru user leaves your organization:
  1. Inactivate the user's account in Altru. 
  2. Remove the user from Blackbaud.com.
  3. If the user has a constituent record within Altru, add an End date to their Staff constituency, or add the constituency Former Staff if you use a different constituency code. Update the relationship in the Relationships tab of the constituent record. 
  4. Review the Altru Web form email alerts and remove their email address if it is associated with alerts.
  5. Review any Altru components that the staff member may have been working on (Group Sales contracts, letters, emails, appeals, queries) and evaluate if they serve any business value. If they do not serve a business purpose go ahead and are not connected to any business process, go ahead and delete them. Refer to these options if the query cannot be deleted.