1.  Log into www.school.smarttuition.com
  2. Click on the Enrollment tab
  3. Click on the Pending Approval folder
  4. Under the filters-section click " Classic View" to load family list by page
  5.  Choose to "Show" up to 100 families at a time on each page.User-added image
  6.  Click the checkbox at the top of the family list to select all families on the current pageUser-added image
  7. Select action: Email parentsUser-added image


  • This will send the email only to the first 100 selected families. You must then switch to the second page to complete the process again for any additional families. 
  •  Fill out Email Subject, Body, and customize as needed. Here you can email from the school email address if they are more likely to read that email.  
  • If you need to send the same email to multiple pages choose "Template-based email" to create a template of the email that can be used multiple times. 
  • You can email to both email addresses provided by selecting " Include both Primary and Secondary Email".
  • You can custom include the School logo, School name, and School code as well as the Enrollment link (Suggested so they can finalize enrollment right from this email prompt).
  • You can attach a file or document if needed. 
  • This email will be recorded under the Communication dashboard