What is the Patch 11 Hotfix for RE 7.96, and How Do I Apply It?

A hotfix was developed to address an issue identified in patch 10 and 11 for The Raiser's Edge 7.96.

What does it do, and how do I apply it? 
The patch 11 hotfix was designed to address the following in patch 10 and 11 for RE 7.96:  The hotfix was applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services in late June. 

For locally-installed databases:
  1. If running patch 10, upgrade to patch 11. How to install The Raiser's Edge patch (includes video demo)
    • NOTE: The hotfix MUST be applied when the database is on patch 11. Applying it to a patch 10 database can disable use of the batch module until the database is upgraded. 
  2. Download the attached zip file. 
  3. Repeat the following steps for each server and workstation running The Raiser's Edge.
    1. Log out of The Raiser's Edge. 
    2. Unzip the DLL from Patch11Hotfix.zip into the \TheRaisersEdge7\DLL folder
      • The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\The Raisers Edge 7\DLL
    3. Log back into The Raiser's Edge. 

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