Ensure the Print a Membership Cards system role was not added to your account. This role is a restrictive role which will remove membership information except for the membership cards. If you need to be able to view membership information, remove the Print a Membership Cards role from your account (you will still be able to print membership cards without this role).

Use the Print a Membership Cards system role to provide selected ticket sellers the ability to print membership cards in advance or daily sales without giving them full access to membership features. Users in this role can search for a member, open a membership record, and print a one-off membership card. The role does not allow for batch printing.

How to remove a system role from a user's account:
  1. Go to Administration > Application Users
  2. Click the drop-down next to the username experiencing the issue and click Edit
  3. Unmark the box for Print a Membership Card
  4. Click Save
Have the user log out of Altru and log back in for the changes to take affect.