Discounts cannot be applied to resource pricing. In order to charge less for a resource, you have two options:

Option #1: Override cost:
This is the recommended option if this is a unique discount special to this reservation that you do not normally offer. For example, you have negotiated a special price for a facility rental fee. This is also the recommended option for equipment resources which you need to avoid double booking.
  1. After the resource has been added to the itinerary, in the Supplies/equipment resources area or the Staffing resources area, click the dropdown arrows to the left of the resource whose price you wish to override.
  2. Click Override cost.
  3. Enter the adjusted cost into the Cost field.
  4. Click Save.
Note: The "Override Cost" button requires either the "Guest Services Manager" or "Marketing Manager" System Role.

Option #2: Create an additional resource with a reduced cost:
This is the recommended option for standard discounts that you offer regularly, such a member discount on facility rental fees, or a discount for non-profits on facility rental fees. For example, you would have two resources, "Main Hall Rental - Non-member" for $500 and "Main Hall Rental - Member" for $375 (a 25% discount for members.) For more on creating resources, refer to these related help topics: Add a supply/equipment resource and Add a staffing resource.