To adjust the overall goal of the KPI, you have to adjust the Estimated Net Revenue of the appeal mailing. The program uses the estimated response rate and average gift amount as the goals for the appeal mailing’s key performance indicators (KPIs). To ensure accurate estimates, we recommend you update the recipient count before you calculate the revenue amounts.

Below are the steps you will take to update the Estimated Net Revenue of the appeal mailing, which will reflect towards the goal of your KPI. Keep in mind these values update once the mailing is sent. This means you will want to perform these steps before you send the mailing:
  1. Navigate to Marketing and Communications > Appeal Mailings
  2. Click on your Appeal mailing
  3. Next to Expected recipients, click Update Count
  4. Next to Estimated net revenue, click Calculate revenue
  5. (Optional) Enter price per piece of mail, and Budget
  6. Click Revenue calculation tab
  7. Enter Estimated response rate percentage
  8. Enter Estimated average gift amount
  9. Save

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