When an administrator leaves your institution or department, you can remove their access to the system as follows:
  1. Pull up the former administrator's user account by going to Site > Users > All Users and searching for their name or email address
  2. On the user account's details page, remove any Scopes associated to the account by clicking the "X" next to the scope
  3. Next, click on their Administrative Role and select None
  4. Click the green Update User button
  5. The user will no longer have administrative access to the system
If you would like to deactivate the account so that the user is no longer able to login, please see below for instructions based on the authentication your system uses:

Local or Whitelist Authentication
Add "_dnu" (for Do Not Use) to the end of the Primary Email address, and click green Update User button.

LDAP or SSO (SAML or Shibboleth) Authentication
If the user is no longer with your institution, please check with your IT team to confirm that the user's campus credentials have been revoked.  Without active campus credentials, the user will not be able to access the system.  If you would like an additional layer of protection by deactivating the account, please contact Support with the email address and/or UID of the user to be deactivated.