Error gui system d-login.w Database Found not Connected 1006

During the FIMS upgrade process on the database selection screen the error, ""gui/system/d-login.w Database found not connected. (1006)" occurs after selecting the database to upgrade and logging in. The database is verified as running when this occurs.
To work around this close all of the upgrade windows and do the following to upgrade the database. The front end of FIMS was already upgraded in the first part of the upgrade before the error occurred, now all you have to do is upgrade the database itself:

1. Launch FIMS
2. You will see the database selection screen open, DO  NOT log in at this point
3. Hit  “alt & F10” on your keyboard.
4. You will see Procedure Editor open
5. Type in “RUN system\d-dbpick”. Then hit F1 on your keyboard
6. Select the database and login using your FIMS user
7. Then hit the spacebar on your keyboard when prompted.
8. Erase “RUN system\d-dbpick” in the Procedure Editor window
9. Type in “RUN tools\upfims.p ‘compile’” and then hit F1 on your keyboard.
10. You will get a pop-up with a summary of the action about to take place.  The key pieces to verify/check are the database it says you’re upgrading and the current database version it is at and what version it’s going to upgrade to.
11. Click Yes to continue.
12. The upgrading of the database will first create a backup.  Then it will flash through a series of processes.
13. A pop-up will show after the compile if there were errors saying to contact support.  Click ok on this if it comes up.  Any errors will be recorded into the fcompile.err file in the FIMS directory (npo\found\FIMS).
14. If no compile errors occur (or after you click ok to the pop-up message) then it’ll finish and move on to the remaining process left to upgrade the database.  When finished it will display across the bottom of the “Procedure Editor – Run” window - “Procedure complete. Press space bar to continue.” Press spacebar.
15. Erase the “RUN tools\upfims.p ‘compile’”.  Close the Procedure Editor.  If you didn’t clear the run command it will ask if you want to save changes before exiting.  Click no.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Launch 14.60 update .exe
2. Select production database in step 12 of the following document:

3. See error occur. 



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