Duplicate versions of constituent solicit codes are created when importing into Enhanced revenue batch or Constituent update batch

 When the 'Constituent Updates' import setting is set to require manual review for Name, address, email or phone, duplicate versions of a constituent's solicit code are created. 
We’re currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:
1.  Add a new constituent with First name, Last name, Email address and a solicit code.
2.  Create an  Enhanced revenue batch or Constituent update batch import type and .csv file for the import using the constituent created in step #1.
3.  Automap fields and then make sure you map the "New/Edit constituent" collection fields with the Constituent field for Last\org\group\household name, the Email type and the Email address
4.  Under the "Set options" tab of the import "other" tab - check "Add new entries" for Code table fields, and use "Quick find" for Search list fields.
5.  Under the "Set options" tab of the import, set Constituent updates tab to un-check "use batch template settings" and set  "Require manual review (generate exception) for Email addresses.
6.  Save the import.
7.  Under Tasks click "Start process".
8.  Note that batch errors are generated. Navigate to the batch.
9.  There may be an import error reported "Multiple results for field "Constituent" using search list "Batch Revenue Constituent Search" were found, so an exact record could not be determined" - this can be ignored/dismissed.
10. Check the Solicit Code collection and see that the existing solicit code has loaded correctly.
11. Exception message "Data in batch is different from data for this constituent. Click here to review" is displayed - Click the hyperlink.
12. Click "Update existing" and select Update all email fields.
13. Save and close review screen,
14. Validate the batch.
15. Exception is generated: A constituent with the same solicit code must not have overlapping dates.
16. Check the Solicit Codes from the batch grid and see that duplicate solicit codes were created and causing the exception.


 Blackbaud CRM

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