1. Navigate to Administration, then click on Smart Fields
  2. Click the drop down next to your smart field, and click Edit
  3. Select the Parameters tab
  4. Click the magnifying glass next to Application Selection
  5. Click Add, then select Ad-hoc query
  6. Select Revenue Application and hit okay
  7. From the first column on the left, select Revenue Details.
  8. From the middle column, select Given Anonymously and move it to the Include Records Where box.
  9. Set the value to "is equal to No"
  10. Click the Set save options tab and Name the query
  11. Click Save and Close
  12. Click Save
  13. Click the drop down next to your smart field and click the Process button.

For other information about this type of smart field and steps for building one, reference this article: I need to see cumulative giving over a certain time period for donors (includes video demo)