Error MicroEdge DonorCentral Data Transfer exe config not copied to NPO Found EAdvisor FTP when Saving DC Upload Settings

When going to FIMS | Tools | System Utilities | DonorCentral | Setup DC Upload and clicking save, the error, "MicroEdge.DonorCentral.Data Transfer.exe config not copied to NPO\Found\EAdvisor\FTP occurs.
This can occur due to Windows permissions on the FTP folder. Clicking Save in the Setup DC Upload Window triggers the automatically install of the latest 'MicroEdge.DonorCentral.DataTransfer.exe' and the needed DLLs for the Donor Central Sync in the npo\found\eAdvisor\FTP folder, so some Windows accounts may not have permissions for that and thus the error occurs.

To resolve, do the following:

1. Unzip the attached zip file into npo\found\eAdvisor\FTP to manually copy the files there.
2. You will need to copy the values for ENTITY and KEY from the 'DC_Transfer.exe.config' file in npo\found\eAdvisor\FTP to the Entity and LegacyWebServiceKey values into the new 'MicroEdge.DonorCentral.DataTransfer.exe.config' file in npo\found\eAdvisor\FTP since FIMS was not able to automatically do this for you due to the error that occurred.
a. Open the 'DC_Transfer.exe.config' file 
  •        Right-click on the 'DC_Transfer.exe.config' file and click Open With
  •        Choose Notepad from the list of programs under Other Programs
b. Open the '''MicroEdge.DonorCentral.DataTransfer.exe.config' file
  •        Right-click on the ''MicroEdge.DonorCentral.DataTransfer.exe.config' file and click Open With 
  •        Choose Notepad from the list of programs under Other Programs
c. Go back to the open 'DC_Transfer.exe.config' file and copy the value from ENTITY and the value from KEY. This is what that section will look like below, you are only copying the number, in this case that would be 0001, and the key value which in this case is Xuwkm9nmVb/RSrLRI650Ew==
     <add key="ENTITY" value="0001" />
     <add key="KEY" value="Xuwkm9nmVb/RSrLRI650Ew==" />
d. Paste those values into the Entity and LegacyWebServiceKey areas in the 'MicroEdge.DonorCentral.DataTransfer.exe.config' file in between the quotes:

    <add key="Entity" value="0001"/>
    <add key="LegacyWebServiceKey" value="Xuwkm9nmVb/RSrLRI650Ew=="/>
e. Click File Save on the 'MicroEdge.DonorCentral.DataTransfer.exe.config' file
The five highlighted files below are the new files that are contained in the zip file that should have been automatically installed, but due to the error were not. This is how the FTP folder will appear, you may have additional files in the FTP folder, but the most important ones are the 5 highlighted ones for the DonorCentral sync to function correctly:

User-added image

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In FIMS go to "FIMS | Tools | System Utilities | DonorCentral | Setup DC Upload"
  2. Click "Save".



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