Why are my online application and requirement forms loading slowly? (7/16/2018)

Users might be noticing some slowness when loading and working on our online Application and Requirement forms today, 7/16/2018. Sites that normally load within 10-15 seconds appear to be taking twice as long.
The latency on our GrantRequest.com sites is a symptom of another issue being handled by our Development teams; we ask that you please reach out to Blackbaud Grantmaking Support if you experience this latency so that we may track your issue and keep you posted with any updates.

UPDATE 7/25/2018: There are still reports of latency and our Developers are continuing to work toward resolving the issue. If you are experiencing this problem, please contact Support immediately and let us know the site you are trying to reach as well as any errors you encounter. If your form makes use of attachments, we advise removing this feature if you are able, as it seems that the attachments are the source of the latency.

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