Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to associate a Requirement with more than one account at a time.  However, it is possible to transfer the Requirement between accounts.  We could potentially transfer the Requirement between accounts when requested by the grantee.  To do this, please follow the steps below:

1. Look up the Requirement records in GIFTS Online associated with the Request for the current Grantee Account
2. Open the Requirement record
3. Once the Requirement record is open, go to Actions > Transfer Grantee Account
4. The Transfer to Grantee Account window appears > Enter the New Grantee's E-mail Address > Confirm E-mail Address (enter the New Grantee's E-mail Address once more) > Click 'OK' once complete
5. This action will make the Requirement visible to the account tied to the new email address when the user logs into the Grantee Portal using this email address

Additionally, grantees may create an account using a generic company email and share access.